Good Times on the Gunflint Trail

     What a wonderful week of fun on the Gunflint Trail.  Monday kicked off the week with the Canoe the Heart Celebration where folks keep telling me what a terrific time they had.  Tuesday was filled with Becoming a Boundary Waters Family activities and last night’s annual canoe races were a blast with the Voyageur Crew shining once again.

     The eating contest was the first event of the evening.  Chelsea was going to be the contestant but Jennifer decided to take one for the team.  She ate 25 two inch creme puffs in 3 minutes, just two shy of the first place winner.  The eating contest is a win-win for everyone with the eating girls raising almost $500.00 for the GTVFD. 

     Jennifer more than burned off all of the calories by participating in four of the canoe races.  She placed 2nd to Voyageur Crew member Tessa in the solo paddling event, placed 3rd in backwards paddling with Chelsea and for the 2nd year in a row she placed first in the Gunwale Pumping contest.  Her brother also placed first in the men’s division of Gunwale Pumping.  There must be something in those Thomas legs that make them ideal for standing on a canoe.

     The entire Voyageur Crew walked away from the event with ribbons and medals galore.  Tessa with her first place in the women’s solo and Chelsea in 3rd.  Mike Irwin took 2nd in Gunwale pumping and 2nd in backwards paddling with Adam while Scott and Leif edged them out of first.  Andy and Leif took 2nd in the long distance paddling before Andy had to leave.  Even Abby and Josh took home medals paddling with Mike Irwin and Adam Maxwell.  We’ll have complete results and photos as soon as I have time to download them.  There will even be a video of the gunwale pumping event if I can figure out how to mute my cheering out of it.

     The best part is the week isn’t over yet, today is only Thursday! We’re inviting everyone up the Trail for a weekend of fun at Voyageur.  We have a lodge unit and plenty of camper cabins available for the weekend so come on up and vacation at Voyageur, we’d love to see you here.