Wrap it Up

     The Canoe the Heart Celebration at Chik-Wauk yesterday was a ton of fun.  Folks enjoyed the old-fashioned fish fry, accordian music, Voyageur presentations and riding in 20 foot canoes.  The boat arrived on schedule and all went well.  It’s a wrap.  Well, almost, I still need to download photos and video to share with everyone but for now it’s over.  Actually I have stuff to put away from the event like the microphone and speakers but then I’ll be done.  Maybe not, I have to get some Voyageur clothing back to the proper people and radios too.  Then it will be finished.  No, that’s right, I have to email some photos to some other people too, then it will be a wrap.  The best thing about this event is it isn’t an annual one!  When all is put away it will really be a wrap.