And the rain…

     Came tumbling down.  And the rain, came tumbling down,  tumbling, tumbling, tumbling, down…..

     So much rain fell over Cook County last night the Sheriff’s Office is advising no travel until further notice.

Weather Warning from the Cook County Sheriff. 
Due to flash flooding in Cook County, travel is not advised until road crews
can evaluate and clear roads.  Many roads have areas under water.  Rushing
water is washing out roadbeds and ditches.  Washouts across roads pose a
hazard.  Debris washed onto roads pose a hazard.  More rain is expected. 
Repeat:  Travel is not advised until road crews can evaluate and clear
     I’m not sure how much rain we received yesterday or last night but it was enough to fill the boats.  There was also enough wind to knock a tree down on our power line this morning so we were without electricity for a couple of hours.  That means our pump in the back room wouldn’t pump the water out so our store had quite a bit of water in it.  Once the electricity came back on we bailed boats, sucked water off of the floor and attempted to re-group.
     It’s always a bit chaotic trying to run a business without electricity or telephones.  Fishing licenses can’t be done, the cash register won’t work and the big one, the computer doesn’t turn on.  So, we fumble through it and life goes on.
     And the rain came tumbling down…