13 of 20

     Today is not only August 1st but also lucky number 13.  It is the 13th day out of the past 20 days that we have had rain fall from the sky.  I was hoping August would start out with a bright ball of sun shining in the sky but unfortunately Mother Nature had other hopes for today.

     July 2009 is now on record for the coldest month of July back as far as 1998. With an average daytime high temperature of just 66.8 degrees it’s 5 degrees colder than any of the previous years on record.  Needless to say the water temperatures aren’t as warm as normal and I haven’t been swimming as much as usual.  This kind of bums me out and I am still hoping Mother Nature will grant us with more days of sunshine than not in August.  

     I will not complain too much about the rain because it has kept the fire danger quite low.  There are finally puddles forming meaning the earth is saturated.  This makes me happy in spite of the lack of sunshine.  Sometimes we have to make our own sunshine to give ourselves a reason to smile, if you look closely then today may just be a sunshiny day.