Word on the Missing Person in BWCA

     The story of a man missing in the BWCA goes something like this…

     Ty Sitter was last seen on Swan Lake on Thursday night around 7pm.  He was camping with his brother and dad when he left with a canoe to go fishing.  When he hadn’t returned by 9pm his dad and brother became worried and paddled to notify authorities. 

     His canoe was found with 4 inches of water in it, a life vest and a tackle box.  His fishing rod was missing and Ty was no where to be seen.  Search teams have been looking for him and have not recovered a body as of 11:00am, according to the Cook County Sherriff’s Department.  I’m not sure who is fiance is speaking with but this is what Caisee Powell posted on facebook.

Hi everyone. This is Ty’s Fiance Casiee. I wanted to give everyone an update… Im so sorry to have to deliver the bad news but Ty passed away 6/9/2011 fishing in the boundary waters Minnesota. Further arrangements are still pending but I will be sure to post when services will be. If you have any further questions/comments/concerns please leave them on here or dont hesitate to contact me! Ty is looking after all of us now and knows we all love and care about him!

   More information will follow, but it doesn’t sound good to me.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.