Time to Appreciate the Finer Things in Life

     Something amazing happened over this past year and I’m so glad it did.  A friend from college and her husband purchased a cabin just a 2 minute boat ride down the river from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  This is awesome for a couple of reasons; I have a place to go to get away and I’m reminded of the finer things in life.

     Having lived at the end of the Gunflint Trail since 1993 there are some things I fail to notice.  It’s kind of like the sound of a passing train when you’ve lived near railroad tracks your entire life.  Or the smell of a paper mill or restaurant nearby that you have become accustomed to.  For me it may be a case of failing to take the time to appreciate the finer things in life.

     While sitting on my friend’s deck the other evening enjoying not only her wonderful company but also the setting sun I realized again how lucky I really am.  A hummingbird hovered over a cup of nectar, a loon splashed and sang in the water and dragonflies flitted about overhead as I enjoyed a conversation with a cherished friend.

     There was a camera there and the only thing that could have made the moment more perfect would have been for someone to capture it on film. If only feelings could be bottled to be savored at a later date or made into a perfume that when worn would make you feel that way again. Serenity, hope, content and happiness, definitely the finer feelings in life.