Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful

That’s the best way to describe how this summer has been so far, wonderful.  Our guests staying at Voyageur are catching fish, the bugs are mild, the weather has been gorgeous and our Voyageur Crew is amazing.

Combine all of the above with some great wildlife viewing and it only gets better.  Eagles have been abundant at the end of the Trail and our tow boat drivers report seeing them perched in trees along the route.  Loons are everywhere and we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of their chicks.  Mother ducks are busy keeping their ducklings in tow, some with as many as 10 or 12 to keep track of.

Many of our guests have been seeing moose with their young. One had a story to tell about a young calf that came crashing through the woods and into the water.  Shortly after the calf arrived a hungry looking black bear appeared. Not wanting to witness natural selection the guest remained in the area until the bear departed and the calf was able to get out of the water to reunite with its mom.

While it looks like we’re going to have a bumper crop of blueberries this year they are not ripe yet.  This is causing the black bear population to look for other forms of nourishment. We have been careful to remove all garbage from our cans but one bear just couldn’t leave the containers alone. He was right beneath my window where I was attempting to sleep so I got up and went outside onto the deck to see what he was up to.  He wasn’t afraid of my shouts and only slightly deterred when I threw chunks of firewood at him from my woodpile on the deck. So I went back to bed and listened to his rustling around for most of the night. In the morning when the crew was cleaning up outside they wondered why on earth there were chunks of firewood all over.

Even those types of experiences are still wonderful in their own way. We’re looking forward to more of the same the rest of the summer.

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