Meet Voyageur Crew Member Elsa

If you’ve been to Voyageur then you have no doubt eaten some of Elsa’s fabulous cooking. She’s the Pancake Princess of Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and makes sure our guests are fat and happy when they leave for their Boundary Waters canoe trip.  She also makes sure no one on the Voyageur Crew loses any weight during their employment.

One would think you would be able to lose weight while working at Voyageur. There’s weed whipping, canoe cleaning, heavy lifting and running around for our guests that burns lots of calories throughout a normal workday. Not to mention the metabolism of some of these younger folks is humming along at a breakneck speed. However, Elsa makes delicious caramel rolls, homemade bread, chocolate cake, fried apple desserts and so much more. All of it is irresistible and always available on a pass through the lodge. You can probably understand why no matter how hard we work it’s super easy to replace any calories burned with her amazing culinary skills.

Elsa and Ron have been at Voyageur for a number of years now and we have no clue what we would do without them. We don’t want to find out either. Elsa is my blueberry picking buddy and I’m not sure who loves to pick more but I do know we enjoy picking together very much.

Pancake Princess

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