Wolves Killed My Best Friend

Sota Baker

My two-legged mother wanted me to write her blog today because she is too distraught because wolves killed my best friend, Sota Baker. Sota and Sue shared the same birthday and had a special bond.  When Sue would pull into Gunflint Pines Sota would run to her car and want to get in with her because she often went on hikes with her.  She would even try to sit on Sue’s lap even though she was bigger than me!

Sota was the first dog I met after leaving my mom and siblings. She was the best four-legged friend a dog could ask for. I could sniff her butt, walk between her legs and eat her food and she wouldn’t mind. She taught me how to run in the woods and what different smells in the woods were.  She was my best friend and now she is gone.

She was 11-years old and had diabetes but she still had lots of years left in her. She couldn’t hear well(neither can I) and she was blind but knew her way around. Last night she got her two-legged master out of bed to let her out to go pee. That’s when three wolves jumped her and killed her, just like that. Luckily her master was able to get her body before the wolves dragged her away so she’ll have a proper burial in the spring.

Rest in Peace Sota and may you catch all of the animals you chase, hike all of the trails you want and enjoy all of the smells in doggy heaven.

Rugby and Sota Meet

Rugby and Sota Meet

Rugby Meeting

Hiking the Trails

Hiking Fun!
Hiking Fun!


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