Wishing you a Green Christmas

     Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me then you aren’t quite ready for it.  The kids are begging to go and get a Christmas tree, pull out the decorations, make ornaments, bake cookies and read Christmas stories around a warm fire.  It sure sounds like fun but there’s still Christmas cards to write, gifts to buy and presents to wrap.  If you are in my shoes this week then keep these ideas in mind for both a merry and green holiday.

The BiteSomething they don’t have to lug to Goodwill the day after Christmas. An experience gift, like a massage or tickets to a show, are landfill-proof and in our humble opinions, the recipient will probably remember it more fondly than yet another pair of socks.

The Benefits

  • Less waste. We already throw away about 25% more waste during the holidays, so less wrapping paper and ribbons is often a good thing.
  • Less clutter. As our urban Biter team members know, closet space can be precious, so go for something that doesn’t take up any room.
  • Gifts that keep on giving. A facial at an eco-spa beats another blender for sure, plus it supports green business practices.

If 10,000 Biters gift a reusable water bottle, in a year we’ll encourage our giftees to avert the weight of a small elephant in plastic.   Be sure to check out our line of Sigg bottles at the Voyageur Trading Post!