Wishes do Come True

     I woke up this morning to a fresh skiff of snow on the ground. I checked the temperature, looked at the forecast and thought to myself, "Wishes do come true!" It was -9 degrees and the forecast predicted snow and more cold temperatures.  Am I crazy? I’ve never doubted that and neither have my friends, it’s more the degree of crazy that we debate.

    The snow conditions outside are some of the best we’ve had in years. I personally do not want winter to end.  I went cross-country skiing yesterday and the trails were terrific.  A friend was out on the lake and said the travel conditions for snowmobiling are spectacular. It’s like Narnia on the Gunflint Trail and I love it.

     I know winter has to end sometime but later rather than sooner is just fine by me in this case.



High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Mar 16
Flurries 20°/-15° 30 %
Mar 17
Mostly Sunny 21°/10° 0 %
Mar 18
Snow 25°/-3° 70 %
Mar 19
Few Snow Showers 19°/-11° 30 %
Mar 20
Partly Cloudy 16°/-8° 0 %
Mar 21
Partly Cloudy 23°/-2° 0 %