Jealous? You Betcha!

     What an excellent adventure for these two winter enthusiasts. Great trail conditions will make this trip an unforgettable one. Maybe I can do it next year? I love cross-country skiing!


North Shore Trek

Tim Crampton and Tony Mommsen started skiing yesterday from Tofte
Minnesota on a seven-day ski trek that we will finish at Gunflint Lodge.
This is not a hard-core adventure. They will be skiing on groomed trail
networks along Lake Superior and the Gunflint Trail.  Sleeping in lodges
with saunas and hot tubs. Gear will be shuttled. And we will experience
long warm days and views of Lake Superior and hills and forests along
the Gunflint Trail.

They started their long ski yesterday on the Sugarbush Trail system.
You may see great photos and commentary on Tony’s blog at:

We also have a photo and link on our website at

Ski conditions are currently excellent and this weekend should be prime
for skiing on our great system. We hope to see you on the trails!

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