Winter Trails Day on the Gunflint Trail

gunflint trail winter trails day    

      It’s Winter Trails Day and while the Gunflint Trail area doesn’t have any planned events to celebrate it doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the numerous trails here.  There are plenty of hiking trails to snowshoe on, cross-country ski trails to ski on and numerous areas to go and make your own trails.

     Who better to have along on your Winter Trail Day then your best friend? For me that’s my dog Rugby. I went for a snowshoe trek the other day and Rugby tagged along.  The snow was obviously wet  because by the time we got done he had snowballs all over him.  His paws, his underbelly and his chest were so filled with snow he could barely move.

     Backpacker’s Magazine has a great article about winterizing your dog.  I should have read this article before taking Rugby out for a winter trek.  It talks about trimming the fur between their toes, dressing them in coats and re-warming them in a sleeping bag so they don’t suffer from hypothermia. 

     I hope you get outside to enjoy Winter Trails Day wherever you are. And if you happen to bring along your best friend then do a better job at winterizing him than I did!

gunflint trail winter trails day