Boundary Waters Ice Fishing

     I wish I could say we went ice catching in the Boundary Waters instead of just ice fishing but unfortunately I didn’t catch anything.  I did have a wonderful time cross-country skiing and sitting by a hole in the ice waiting for a fish to bite. 

     It was a gorgeous day outside especially when the sun decided to come out.  The kids were more than happy to drill holes with the hand auger since power augers aren’t allowed in the BWCA.  Unfortunately the fish didn’t start biting immediately and the kids got bored quickly. 

     After gathering wood for a campfire and roasting hot dogs they decided to start another project.  This project involved making a 2 x 3 hole in the ice with an ice chisel.  When they were finished making the hole they attempted to catch fish out of it.  They had just about as much luck catching fish out of their hole as I did out of mine. 

     It was a great day to be out in the wilderness with family and friends.  There was one nice lake trout caught and 2 small ones so at least our group wasn’t skunked.  Any day out in the BWCA is a good one and I just hope the next time I go fishing I get to do some catching too.

Boundary Waters Ice Fishing     BWCA pictures of ice fishing