Winter Plans

     It’s a bit difficult for me to want to get up and get outside when it’s below zero out.  Good news is there are warmer temperatures coming.  That will help motivate me to get out my winter toys and head out into the snow covered winter wonderland.

     I need to get the winter gear out of the closet before I can go anywhere.  My skis, boots and poles are still tucked neatly away along with my snowshoes and mukluks.  Once that is taken care of I should be good to go.  The lakes are frozen, the trails are groomed and there’s plenty of snow on the ground.

     There are so many fun winter activities to do.  Cross country ski trails to explore, lakes to ice fish on, dog sled rides, winter camping, snowshoeing, horse drawn sleigh rides, snowmobiling and more.  There are never enough days in the winter to do all of the things I want to do, especially with the kids playing hockey. 

     There is also the Winter Tracks Festival to attend in February and the Mush for a Cure in March.  So much to do and so little time to do them.  I better get off of the computer and get going, I think the thermometer reached 1 degree and that’s my signal to get outside.