Special Delivery

     It’s the first day of school for the kids in 2010.  I wish I could say it was easy getting out of bed at 5:30AM this morning but I can’t.  It was much easier to get out of bed yesterday morning at 3:30AM.  A phone call with the news my friend’s water had broken motivated me to propel my body out of bed and into the vehicle in spite of the fact it was 30 below outside. 

     I had always wanted to experience the delivery of a baby when it wasn’t me who was delivering.  The first attempt at being a part of a birth was years ago before I thought I would ever have kids.  My sister was pregnant with her 2nd baby and I was going to be present for the delivery.  She was due the weekend of Easter and we were planning to be in St. Cloud and I was to stay until she had her baby. Only the baby had other plans.

       The day before we were to drive to St. Cloud I received a call from my sister telling me her water had broken.  I called a neighbor who had a plane and asked if he could fly me to St. Cloud.  He said he could but he would have to leave from Grand Marais where his plane was.  I quickly drove to town and when I got there I called my sister to jokingly ask if she had delivered the baby yet.

      The joke was on me because in less than an hour she had given birth to a baby girl, my niece Paige.  I couldn’t believe I had missed it and wondered if I would ever have the chance again.  Two deliveries of my own children only made me more interested in experiencing a child birth from the other end. 

     Yesterday’s baby was’t suppose to come until the mother was induced on Thursday.  But like my niece this baby had other plans and decided he wanted to arrive earlier than scheduled.  I’m just happy I was home, answered the phone and was able to start my vehicle so I could drive to Duluth.  Two moose and two deer on the road didn’t stop me from making it there and I fulfilled my dream of being  a part of a delivery and what a special delivery it was.