Wildlife Up and About

Fall is a great time of year for viewing wildlife on the Gunflint Trail. This morning on my way home from taking the kids to the bus stop I saw two moose browsing on the side of our road.  I also saw a chipmunk and a grouse, not quite as exciting but still fun.

Guests of Voyageur have been seeing wildlife too. A couple was paddling on the Seagull River when they heard an unusual noise down river. It’s super quiet up here this time of the year so any sound carries. They looked and were shocked to see a big moose swimming across the river holding his big rack above the water.  They watched as he made it to shore, slowly climbed out of the water and then shook the water from his body before sauntering into the woods.

Other guests have been spotting wildlife too.  One saw a Canadian Lynx crossing the road near Gunflint Lake.  It’s a real treat to see a lynx because they aren’t too common up here.

Mike has seen moose the past couple of times he’s driven on the Gunflint Trail.  One of which was a bull with a nice sized rack. It’s comforting to know none of these moose will be killed by hunters this year and we’ll be able to keep seeing them.

Of course I didn’t have my camera along this morning and neither have any of our other guests during these wildlife encounters.  But that’s ok, I’d rather see them and not get a picture of them than not see them at all.