Gorgeous Gunflint Weekend

While Saturday’s weather could have been nicer both Friday and Sunday were wonderful for enjoying fall on the Gunflint Trail. Our Youth Group had an amazing weekend at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.

Today it was sunny and got up to 70 degrees at the end of the Gunflint Trail. It was a perfect day for paddling and the kids enjoyed both canoeing and kayaking.  While it rained close to a quarter of an inch on Saturday all of it fell after we were back from a paddle, hike and picnic lunch.  We paddled to the Trail’s End Campground, hiked the Seagull Lake Nature Trail and ate by the waterfalls.

Trail's End on the Gunflint Trail
Enjoying the end of the Gunflint Trail

There were a few shriveled up blueberries left on the hiking trail and plenty of water coming over the falls. Unlike last year when the falls were almost bone dry. The water level has stayed fairly high all year long.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors
Trail’s End Campground

It did rain while we worked to eradicate some non-native invasive plant species atthe Water’s Edge cabin.  While lupines may be pretty they are not native to our area and can choke out all local plant life including my precious blueberries.  We pulled and dug for about an hour and received some education on other invasive plant species we need to get rid of.

The water was a little chilly for swimming but a few brave souls gave it a go.  I’m sure if they would have been here longer today everyone would have enjoyed a refreshing dip.

It was a fantastic weekend and one we won’t soon forget. These gorgeous weekends are numbered so come on up and visit soon.

Canoeing at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters
Paddling the Seagull River