Why Is It?

     Isn’t it funny how it always seems to be a nice day on your last day of vacation?  After days of wind, sleet and rain the sun is finally shining brightly and the air is warm.  I imagine if someone were to head out fishing right now the fish would really be biting too.

     Surprisingly, our canoe parties and guests at Voyageur had great vacations in spite of the weather.  Smiles were on their faces and everyone was ready to head back out into the woods or set up permanent residence at Voyageur.  

     They told tales of their experiences in the wilderness.  A family of bears living on an island on the South Arm of Knife, inquisitive pine martens at a campsite, moose wading and eating in the shallows, eagles soaring overhead, smallmouth bass biting like crazy, the stories go on and on.  It makes me want to hop into a canoe and head out myself. I might just have to go do that…