Where On Earth?

     When I look into the night sky I can still see Orion’s belt and know I am in the same world but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  The vibrant blue sky and clear blue waters may look similar to Lake Superior but the white sand just doesn’t fit in.  We’re not in Kansas or California anymore Rugby.

     We’re on the last leg of our vacation and the children will be back in school today.  I miss them when they aren’t around but like I tell them, sometimes it’s good to be away from the things you love so you can appreciate them even more when you have them. 

     Does that really happen?  Does it matter where on earth you are? I don’t know.  I do know there are no windchill warnings here and there isn’t any snow either.  There are vendors on the beach and sand volleyball to be played. 

    I know my heart is still on the Gunflint Trail and soon my body will follow but until then I’ll enjoy where I am on this earth today.