Tan Lines or Frost Bite Lines?

     Life can be cruel sometimes and so can I.  I have to apologize to a few folks for rubbing it in about the nice weather we’re experiencing.  Mary Black asked if I had tan lines and claims she has frost nip lines.  From the weather reports I’ve been hearing she may be telling the truth. 

     According to the weather station thermometer it was 20 below this morning on the Gunflint Trail.  That’s 100 degrees different than what we’ve been enjoying these past couple of days.  I’m sorry to hear it’s that cold at home but at least we’re making some ice. 

     December isn’t usually that cold but none of the months have had normal weather patterns this year.  I know I will be home soon and I’m hoping there will be ample snow on the ground for winter play.  I’m also hoping it will warm up a little bit because I would hate to wreck my tan with a frost bite line.