Where Are They Now?

     Our Voyageur Crew family of past crew members has gotten quite large over the last 20 years. We’ve had lots of different faces over the summers. Some we know exactly where they are and what they are doing and others, well, I guess we have no idea. 

     Sheri Prom, Mike’s cousin who worked with us for many summers has a much better idea of who worked for us when than I do. She was going to put together an information chart for me to refer to but I haven’t seen it yet…  I’m still hoping for it.

     Many of the past crew has gone North to Alaska and this summer another one heads in that direction. Tessa Olson who has been a part of the crew for the last 3-5 years(I can’t remember how many) is heading to Alaska for a summer in Homer. I can’t blame her for taking this opportunity to head even farther north but we sure are going to miss her. She has big shoes to fill and an even bigger smile we’re going to have to get used to not having around.  

     Two other past Voyageur crew members have gone north to Alaska that I know of. One is Alex Keilty who worked as a kayak guide and another is Alex Beebe-Giudice who does dogsledding tours on glaciers.  Alex Beebe-Giudice has been in Alaska for quite a few years now something I’m afraid would happen if I ever went to visit Alaska. I think I would never leave having seen it with my own eyes.

     One Voyageur Crew member participated in the first Lester River kayak race on May 4th in Duluth, Minnesota.  Scott Ewen is a thrill seeking adventurer who we enjoyed having work for us at Voyageur. We’re proud of our Voyageur Crew Family for all of their accomplishments and miss them all.


Here’s a photo of Scott Ewen. You can see video of the kayakers on the Duluth News Homepage under videos. 

Scott Ewen photo by Krueger