Ice is Gone

     In case you hadn’t heard the news via Facebook or our email newsletter the ice has left the lakes! That is great news for folks who are ready to paddle the BWCA and Quetico Park. This was the latest recorded ice out for Saganaga Lake.

     On the 18th our towboats had to break ice to make their way on Saganaga. On the 19th there was still some floating ice in the middle of the Canadian side of Saganaga and on the 20th it had all disappeared.  Gunflint Lake went out on the 17th I believe and all of the other smaller lakes on the Gunflint Trail went before that. 

     When we saw aerial photos of the ice and it looked white we thought we might be in trouble.  Thankfully that ice must have been quite rotten and the wind and rain we received ate it up in a hurry.

     Now that the lakes are liquid it’s time to head north and start paddling. Hope to see you at Voyageur soon!


ice on Saganaga


bwca ice


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