When it’s Time to Change

Am I the only person who gets depressed when it comes to our disappearing winter? Check out this map that shows just how little snow is left in Minnesota right now.

Map of Modeled Snow Depth (Shallow-snow Legend)Legend for Modeled Snow Depth (Shallow-snow Legend)

It’s enough to make a winter lover like me cry! Thank goodness I live in a part of the state that holds its snow much longer than the rest of the state or I would be really upset.

snow depth map

Snow depth guide (in inches):

snow depth legend

I know it is inevitable and with the longer days and warmer sun the snow has to melt eventually.  But I dislike how early it has to happen.  Why do I dread the changing of seasons so much? I know those of you who have read my blog over the years have probably read countless times about how sad I am to see winter leave or summer end. I always enjoy the season when I am in it but hate for it to be over. I guess I dislike changes or when things end.

I guess I need to be more like the Brady Kids and embrace the changes as they come along.

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