For Everything There is a Season

And the season for Josh’s hockey ended today. As with the end of any season it is bittersweet. It’s always a blast to watch Josh play hockey and cheer on his teammates. But warmer days are coming and baseball season is right around the corner. The days of driving to Two Harbors and beyond for hockey practice are over for another winter.  He does have one more weekend of play for a Select Team so I can’t put away the stinky equipment quite yet, but by next month at this time it will be stored away for good.

The best news is Josh escaped the season injury free, unlike me. I almost made it through the entire season unscathed but lo and behold a flying puck had my face as its target but thankfully I had quick enough reflexes to deflect it with the back of my hand. My hand felt much better after Josh kissed his stick and placed it against my hand from the bench but it is quite purple and swollen tonight!

With hockey season over a new season begins…

North Shore Hockey

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