What’s That Light?

     As we were heading out the door this morning Abby asked, "What’s that light?"  I was thinking the same thing as I looked out towards the horizon and saw light seeping up into the sky.  I replied saying it was starting to get light earlier each day and we’d no longer be able to see the stars shining brightly overhead as we drove to the bus stop.  Before I could continue she cut me off saying, "No, that light right there on the ground."  So much for sharing my awe-inspiring moment with Abby.  "Oh." I replied.  "That’s just an extension cord with a light on the end."

     While Abby’s thoughts drifted away from the light I continued to be drawn toward the sunrise.  The change in daylight hours is so fascinating to me.  Just one month ago when I would head out for the bus in the morning the sky was so black it looked like my Diet Coke.  Each day we’re gaining somewhere around 2 minutes of daylight and that adds up quickly.  Now when the kids get off of the school bus the sun isn’t setting because it still has an hour to shine.  It’s just hard to imagine the earth is capable of so many incredible things like lengthening the daylight hours and changing the seasons.

     I guess I better not spend too much more time thinking about the light or before I know it it will be dark outside.  I got a little distracted looking at some websites that have tables for this and charts for that.  All I know is that as the days get longer my time before summer paddling season gets shorter and soon we’ll have more light than dark.