Random Monday Thoughts

     The famous Groundhog "Punxsutawney Phil" saw his shadow this morning.  That means 6 more weeks of winter.  What I wonder is if living on the Gunflint Trail it means something else?  It seems as though we always have 6 more weeks of winter after Groundhog’s Day, and then some. 

     Last night’s Superbowl game was way too close for me to enjoy.  I really did not want the Cardinals to win and they just kept in the game until the bitter end.  So much for my dreams coming true…  I guess I still could have bet on the Cardinals to just be in the Superbowl.  Maybe next year?

     We spent Saturday and Sunday in Silver Bay, MN watching the kid’s play hockey.  Even though they are only 7 and 9 it sure is a hoot to watch.  This is the first year the kids actually play positions and Abby prefers to play defense.  Most kids prefer to play offense so Mike and the other coach have been having her play defense every game.   Of course as a parent who is not volunteering to coach I can be critical of the Coaches even if one of them is my husband.  So I let it be known that I thought Abby should get to play at least one period of offense.  And guess what?  She shoots and she SCORES!!!!  But she still wants to play defense and the coaches want her there too.  They won the game but I probably still lost the battle.

     Josh is a little speed demon on the ice.  He started playing hockey when he was in Kindergarten after most kids had started a year or two before.  He didn’t like being the slowest skater and wanted to quit.  We didn’t let him and boy are we glad.  Now he’s right up there with the fast kids and doing terrific.  The ref’s don’t call penalties at this level although I wish they would.  I had my claws out a couple of times and was ready to leap over the plexiglass during the game.  After the game in the locker room Josh was upset because his head was sore from a couple of cheap hits.  He started to smile after I asked him the numbers of the players and told him I was going to find them and beat them up.  I didn’t really but there is something about watching your kid’s get hurt that doesn’t sit well with me.  I’ll have to work on that.

     We received some fresh snow last night and it sounds like more is on the way.  It’s a good thing too.  Our shovels had been sitting idle for a little too long.  I guess that’s enough random thoughts for the day.  I hope this Monday is a great start to an even better week for everyone.