Weekend Wild Life

     It was Fisherman’s Picnic in Grand Marais this past weekend and town was hopping.  There’s something for everyone to do from playing Bingo to entering the Loon Calling Contests.  There’s a softball tournament, boat parade, children’s play and much more going on from Thursday until Sunday. 


     I’m not too big of a fan of big crowds and all of the wild activity going on during the Fisherman’s Picnic but I did take the kids into town on Saturday.  We started out the day with a run at Pincushion Mountain; the kids ran in the 1/4 mile race and I ran in the 5-mile race.  I’m not a racer when it comes to running as I’m not very fast but I can never turn down a run at Pincushion.  In the winter all of the trails are used for cross-country skiing and it’s a great place to hike in the summer.  The best part for people who live in town is that it’s just a quick drive up the hill from Grand Marais.

     After the race we dared to drive into town for more Fisherman’s Picnic.  As a member of the PTA I was responsible for working the Dunk Tank from 12-2PM.  The water in the tank was drawn from Lake Superior and I don’t think it could have gotten any colder unless it froze.  I talked our famous District Ranger from the USFS into sitting up there and my kids both took the opportunity to throw balls and dunk him.  Three hours later when I saw him walking around his skin was still purple and it had goose bumps on it.  At least we raised some money for the school and he should get out of the hospital by Wednesday.(Just kidding)

     Then it was time for the pedal tractor pull for the kids.  They had each participated in it a couple of years ago.  I remember Josh took 2nd place in his division and as soon as Abby felt a bit of resistance she quit pedaling.  This time I told her to just keep going and that she did.  She took home the 1st place trophy for her age division!

     Work was waiting for us at home so after a bag or two of mini donuts we headed back up the Trail.  The kids were begging to stay for the fireworks and I thank goodness they didn’t know about the Parade happening on Sunday.   


   Back to the real wildlife, the kind I really love.  I’ve been seeing tons of wildlife up at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  There are two black wolves that live near our dumpster site that keep hanging out around the road.  They are just gorgeous to see but they quickly make their way into the woods.  Not too far from where they live is an awesome deer with a huge rack still in velvet.  Momma moose was spotted Sunday in her favorite snack spot with her two calves.  Also spotted Sunday was a very large bear.  


  Jessica went to the canister site to take our garbage and when she arrived she saw a huge mess.  As she was driving into the road she saw a vehicle driving out so she figured the bear would be long gone when she arrived.  She parked the truck and started walking around the dumpster to see how the bear was getting at the garbage.  When she rounded the back corner I’m not sure who was more surprised, her or the 300 pound bear staring at her.  The bear startled and turned to run into the woods as Jessica turned and started running toward the truck.  Jessica relayed this story to me with very big eyes and our garbage still in the back of the truck.

     Fisherman’s Picnic is alot of fun but if I had to choose I’d take the wildlife of the Gunflint Trail over the wild life in Grand Marais any time.