Crime at the end of the Gunflint Trail

     On Saturday night guests of ours decided to drive over to Trail’s End Cafe for dinner.  They parked in the public parking lot with a canoe tied to the top of their Jeep.  They went inside the Cafe for dinner and when they finished they returned to their truck and their canoe was gone.

     I was hoping someone played a practical joke on them.  I was hoping maybe it would turn up like the canoes and gear in the Quetico Park last year, just temporarily misplaced.  I was hoping we didn’t have a real thief robbing people at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  Unfortunately the canoe has not turned up.

     This really bothers me.  Our safety and security were rattled with the Ham Lake Fire and now we have to worry about people stealing things?  It’s awful to think someone would take a canoe off of someone’s vehicle especially when the vehicle wasn’t parked there for more than two hours.  The Jeep was parked in plain sight with traffic driving by. 

     I’m still hoping it really wasn’t stolen.  But if it was and you see a suspicious looking person coming down the Gunflint Trail with a canoe on it then take a close look.  If it matches this description then please call law enforcement, it has been reported to the Cook County Sherif’f’s Department. 

It is a 1991 Wenonah Sundowner Kevlar (yellow) 18′ with Aluminum trim  and Sliding tractor seats;
  • Skid plate bow and stern
  • Patch to damage on the right side
  • New sling yokes
  • Attached elastic tie downs
  • DNR fish length ruler