Wacky Weather

     There is a saying about weather in Minnesota people like to use, "Don’t like the weather?  Just wait a minute and it will change."  This certainly rings true for the weather in our neck of the woods.

     Yesterday when I woke up the thermometer said 73 degrees.  The temperature kept rising closer to 80 degrees until around noon.  Then some sort of weather system moved in and brought rain and cooler temperatures.  I don’t know much about Norwester’s, Alberta Clippers or any other weather jargon but it felt like someone left the freezer open.  I also don’t know how cold it got last night but the last time I looked at the thermometer it read 53 degrees; a 20 degree difference in less than 6 hours!

     The weather does what it wants when it wants to.  The other day when I was driving up the Gunflint Trail from Town it was blue skies all around in Grand Marais.  Just up the Trail there was a cloud burst directly overhead and it poured like crazy on the vehicle while the sun was shining an arm’s length away.  We’d drive a little farther in the sunshine and then it would start pouring again and it even hailed in some places.  Back at Voyageur the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen.

     With the weather changing like it does I rarely bother to look at the forecast.  I know even if the prediction is right, the weather could change in a matter of minutes. .