Fire Ban Lifted

     Up until the 28th of August we had received less than an inch of rain throughout the month.  That small amount of rain didn’t do much to quench the forest’s thirst so I wasn’t surprised when the USFS implemented a fire ban on the 21st of August.

     The very next day it rained, just barely.  We received .10 of an inch and it didn’t rain again until the 28th of August.  Funny how that was one of the nights I was actually outside sleeping in a tent in the BWCA.  Mother Nature decided to give the earth a good soaking and dropped over two inches of rain on us during the night and early morning.  The next day we received .20 of an inch of rain but the Fire Ban remained in effect during the Labor Day Weekend.

     It has already rained .60 inches this month and it’s only the 4th of September.  Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised yesterday either when the USFS called to let us know the Fire Ban had been lifted.  Hip, Hip Hooray, campfires are allowed again so come on up and roast some marshmallows over a glowing campfire.