Voyageur Veterans

     We feel very fortunate to have 3 second year employees here at Voyageur this summer.  It sure made our lives much easier this spring when things were still hectic from the Ham Lake Fire.  We didn’t have to spend time training them in they just picked up where they left off at the end of last summer.  It’s always a blessing to have experienced staff return and with Mike Swenson, Mike Irwin, and Andy Spaeth as Crew members we feel "triply" blessed.   

<%image(20070630-irwinsm.jpg|250|279|Voyageur Crew Mike Irwin)%>

  Mike Irwin returns to Voyageur from his home in Iowa Falls.  He’s the youngest crew member this year but you wouldn’t know it by his demeanor.  He’s a responsible, hard-working individual who is willing to do whatever needs to be done.  He recently completed the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota so we never have to worry about wearing him out by having him wash too many canoes.  He spends alot of time on the lakefront, driving tow boat, and up in outfitting.  Dependable is a word that describes all of our 2nd year crew members.    

<%image(20070630-swensonsm.jpg|350|316|Mike Swenson Voyageur Crew)%>

 Mike Swenson finished his first year at Gustavus before coming back up to Voyageur for the summer.  He’s originally from Plymouth, Minnesota and likes the woods and waters of the Gunflint Trail.  Mike does a great job getting equipment ready to be sent out on trips and organizing lakefront.  His easy-going personality makes everyone’s lives at Voyageur easier.   

<%image(20070630-andysm.jpg|300|400|Andy Spaeth Voyageur Extraordinaire)%>

  Andy Spaeth is back at Voyageur after his first year at Bemidji State.  He is from Montevideo, Minnesota and we are so happy he returned for another summer.  You can recognize Andy by the smile on his face and the positive energy that radiates from him.  He’s a go to guy when we need anything done and he never watches the clock.

     These three Veterans are a huge part of the smooth operation of Voyageur.  Their knowledge and expertise makes them valuable members of the Voyageur Crew.