Voyageur’s Very Own on Stage at The Fisherman’s Picnic

     Someone lock me up and throw away the key because I have gone officially crazy! I was asked to participate at the Chainsaw Competition during Fisherman’s Picnic because they added a Women’s Division for chainsawing.  Last night was my first performance.

     I have a video that is over a minute long.  Most sawyers complete their two cuts in half that amount of time.  I keep reminding myself it isn’t just about speed it’s about accuracy, especially when you’re in the woods where it counts!

    In the competition there’s a 4" mark on the log and you have to make 2 complete cuts with full "cookies" and still have the mark on the log in order for your cut to qualify.  Luckily last year’s champion(the guy I was sawing against) didn’t leave a line so I advanced to the next round.  My 2nd time up I got both of the cookies but again took twice as long to do so. 

     The good news is there were only 2 women in the competition so I get to compete again today!  The top woman saws with the 2nd place man and the top man gets to saw with me to compete for a money prize.  Not the new chainsaw I wanted, but 2nd place in my first chainsaw competition isn’t too bad.