More Fun at Fisherman’s Picnic

     There was just as much fun and laughs on Saturday at the Fisherman’s Picnic in Grand Marais as there was on Friday.  As long as I had to be there for the Doubles Chainsaw Competition on Saturday my friend Mary Black decided we should compete in the Cross-Cut saw competition. 

     The Lumberjack Camp at Fisherman’s Picnic is ran by Jenny and Neil Atkinson who have a place on Clearwater Lake on the Gunflint Trail. Jenny is an 8 time log rolling and boom runner World Champion and a survivor of breast cancer.   She was honored at one of our Mush for a Cure Events that Mary Black and I founded.  So it was especially fun to have all of us participating in the cross-cut saw event.

     Like the chainsaw competition I had never participated in a cross-cut saw competition.  I had never even used a cross-cut saw before yesterday so it was quite intimidating to get up on stage and saw in front of the crowd.  Mary and I participated as individuals and as a team.  We did better sawing together than we did paddling at the Gunflint Trail Canoe Races, but that isn’t saying too much.   The good thing is we had a good time.  Good enough to take 2nd place and have fun too.