Voyageur Canoe Crew

     As the days of August dwindle down so does the number of Crew left at Voyageur.  I prefer not to think about the staff leaving and tell myself they are just on their day off.  It’s a sad time of the year when we have to say goodbye to our summer family as they return to the real world.

     The dining table gets eerily quiet in a hurry as the school year looms in the near future.  Sheri, Dr. Prom has already departed and will be heading out West to work as a Physical Therapist.  Jennifer has some training to do before she starts at the U of M in the Twin Cities after Labor Day.  Kris has gone and Kristi is taking a short break but will return for a few more weeks at Voyageur.  This weekend it will be a mass departure as Tessa, Erik, Katie and Jake all finish their season at Voyageur.

     We’re happy to still have Elsa, Ron, John, Jessica and Victor.  We’re lucky Mike Swenson is taking a few days to help us out after his Expedition to Hudson Bay.  We’ll be here as long as folks want to keep paddling and after that when the lakes have turned to ice.  We’re just so thankful for another wonderful Voyageur Crew.