Hot & Humid on the Gunflint Trail

     This morning it was 70 degrees with 87% humidity at 7am! A little bit warmer than yesterday’s morning temperature that hovered near 40 degrees.  The high got up to 83 degrees today and it is supposed to be in the high 70’s the rest of the week.  What a great time to take a Boundary Waters Canoe trip. 

     I spent the majority of the day trimming brush and using the chainsaw to cut up some dead trees.  I was covered in sap, wood shavings and sweat when not one but two different Voyageur Crew members asked, "Why do you pick the hottest days to do such hard work?"  That’s a good question and I didn’t have an answer for either of them.

  I do know that when the daylight hours are dwindling I want to be outside as much as I can.  I figure I can work on other things at night.  Emails can wait, laundry and housework can also wait. If the forecast is right then these next few days I’ll be outside working or maybe playing in the BWCA.