Voyageur Brewing Company Opening Soon

How soon will Voyageur Brewing Company be open is the question we’ve been hearing. The answer is, “Hopefully soon.” We originally hoped to be open already but delays with licensing pushed the project back and back some more. It would be wonderful to say we’ll be open at the end of the month but it probably isn’t realistic. After waiting over 180 days for the TTB from the Federal Government(average time it takes 90 days) we were finally able to apply for our State License on Friday. We can’t brew any beer until we have that license in hand and we obviously want to have beer at our opening.

We hope to set our opening date as soon as we hear back from the State regarding our license. Until then we’ll put the finishing touches on the taproom and make sure everything is ready to go as soon as we have beer ready.  The good news is the taproom is going to be absolutely stunning.

The bar alone is amazingly beautiful. With a thick piece of white pine for the actual bar and reclaimed barn wood on the outside it is gorgeous. All of the reclaimed wood we have salvaged combined with the work of local craftsmen has created a masterpiece.

We’re super excited to open and let you see how wonderful Voyageur Brewing Company has turned out but we want to be able to do that when you’re able to enjoy a delicious craft beer also created by us.  Soon, my friends, it will be soon.

reclaimed barn wood
Voyageur Brewing Bar

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