Unwanted Customer at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

Every business owner has them. The customer who you put up with because they are paying good money but you really don’t enjoy having them around.   When they don’t pay it makes it all the more difficult to put up with them.

The past couple of nights we’ve had a customer who wants to get into the store after hours. Since we aren’t open he has removed the screen, pushed the window open and helped himself to our goods.  The first night he ate all of the candy bars and the second night he ate the Skittles and some freeze dried food.  He hasn’t paid for any of it, yet.

This customer is our hungry black bear. He’s come into our store twice and he’s crawled into the window of our lodge unit two times while guests have been in there.  And we haven’t charged those guests any extra money for the experience.

Last night I left my window open and stayed up until past midnight. I had bear spray and was ready to use it if he came to my window or if I heard him but unfortunately he didn’t. He did go to Tony and Hannah’s window and stuck his nose in which Tony quickly slapped and then closed his window tightly.

Today our wonderful neighbor added some reinforcement to our window screens(what’s left of them anyway). He added some chicken wire so we’ll see if that keeps the bear out.  If the berries would just ripen up then the bear wouldn’t have to come to our place looking for food.

There are a couple of raspberries ripe, a few blueberries but obviously this bear’s palate and his work ethic isn’t where it should be. He’s also a little too brave and bold for our liking.  We hope he doesn’t return again but only time will tell.

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