Tuscarora Triathalon

     Tuscarora Outfitters held the Third Annual Tuscarora Triathalon on Friday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day for a 1/4 mile swim, 3 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run.  I had never participated in the event before but with the sun shining I decided I would join in the fun.

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    The participants for the Triathalon were excited and ready to begin when the Voyageur Crew arrived.  There were four staff members from Voyageur, Andy and Mike who participated last year and Sheri and Beth who were new to the event.  There were a number of people from Tuscarora including owner Sue, her friend from Grand Marais and her two children. 

   The race began at 4:30 pm on the Tuscarora dock on Round Lake.  From there we swam to the Round Lake landing where our bikes and shoes had been staged.  After drying off participants quickly biked down the road to Tuscarora, around their loop, back to the landing and then back to Tuscarora to drop off bikes.  Back on foot the road was wobbly for the first stretch of land but by the Cross River Entry Point the surface began to firm up.  We ran to the Gunflint Trail, touched the pavement and returned to Tuscarora to jump off of the dock and back into the water where we started.

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    Everyone did a great job and had an awesome time.  The Voyageur guys did incredible with Andy taking 1st place with a time of around 37 minutes with Mike Swenson not too far behind.  Sheri Prom was the 2nd female to make it back to the lake with me trailing in after about 56 minutes.  Beth and all of the other participants had fun exercising and playing in the great outdoors. 

     This part is for Sue Ahrendt only…  The mosquitos at Tuscarora were horrendous while I was atttempting to change my mysterious flat tire in your parking lot without the assistance of a good jack or zoot zoot machine.  And by the way, what was that smell?