Top 5 Reasons to Take a Tow Across Saganaga with Voyageur

     There are days when I want to paddle across Saganaga Lake and quietly explore all of the bays and islands. Then there are other days when my main objective is to get into the canoe country, set up a camp and start enjoying wilderness life.  Some days the lake is calm and easy to paddle while other days are more challenging with wind and waves.  Getting a ride across Saganaga to the edge of the paddle only wilderness isn’t for everyone but here’s why I recommend it to you.

  1. Our tow boat drivers are friendly and competent.
  2. You can leave right from our dock on the Seagull River & be on Sag within minutes.
  3. It’s a great way to take in the fantastic scenery on Saganaga Lake.
  4. You can get farther into the wilderness faster.
  5. You’ll spend more time on the smaller paddle only lakes.

     The next time you reserve a Saganaga Lake entry point consider taking a tow with Voyageur.  We’ll get you into Saganaga and the Boundary Waters faster than any other outfitter.

Tow Boat Saganaga Lake