Top 10

     This isn’t a David Letterman’s Top 10 list but a Voyager Canoe Outfitters Top 10 List for reasons to take a canoe camping trip in the wilderness this summer.

  1. Solitude and serenity on a campsite occupied only by your group and not another one in sight.


  2. Paddling across open expanses of pure water surrounded by towering pines.


  3. Fishing from a canoe or shore and catching delicious fish for lunch.


  4. Listening to the call of the wild, the howling of wolves, the cry of the loons.


  5. Exploring rock palisades and scenic vistas while hiking in the woods.


  6. Swimming in the cool, clean waters underneath the sparkling sun.


  7. Sleeping in a tent underneath the stars and Northern Lights.


  8. Catching the scent of fresh air and pine trees as the wind blows lightly through the trees.


  9. Reading or reflecting on the day while perched on a rocky ledge.
  10. Enjoying the warmth of a campfire and company of good friends or family.

     Do you have other reasons you can think of to take a canoe camping trip?  If so then please share them with me so I can share the top 100 reasons to take a canoe trip with you all soon!