Time Consumers

     While visiting with family over the holidays I was introduced to a couple of interesting time consumers.  The first one is Words with Friends on my Android phone.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with this frustrating and addictive Scrabble like game you can play on an ipod touch, iphone or other handheld gadget.  You can play against random opponents or choose your opponents from your list of facebook friends or if you know their user name you can just enter it. It was quite the sight to see a living room filled with people holding their gadgets waiting for the person next to them to make their move.  I suggested a real game of Scrabble at the dining table but found no takers. 

     The key to enjoying the game is to start games with more than one person.  If you have 10 games going at the same time then surely you’ll have someone to play against whenever you’re ready to play.  If you are just playing one game then you would spend most of your time waiting for he or she to play and who knows how long that might take.  It depends upon whether your opponent wants to find a word quickly(Josh) or find a word that scores a ton of points(Mike and his Mom).  In any case it can take up alot of your time and become a huge distraction.

     The other thing I discovered over the holidays was a website called Pinterest.  Have you ever heard of it?  It’s kind of like a personal bulletin board where you pin things you like according to a category of your choice.  Once you have a "pin" button on your browser you can click it and see what all can be pinned on any website you are looking at.  If you like a photo of a vacation spot and want to remember it then you can "pin" it to your Pinterest site.

      I’m not sure if you can visit my site http://pinterest.com/bwcabloglady/ without being a member and you can’t become a member unless you are invited.  Weird.  The site reminds me of the days when I used to look at magazines and pull out the pages with haircuts, recipes, perfumes or exercises I wanted to save for later use.  I would then put them into a 3-ring binder never to look at them again.  This site is just as addicting as Words with Friends because there are so many neat things people pin.

     There you have it. Two new time consumers I’ve recently discovered.  And in case you are wondering my Words with Friends User name is BWCABlogLady…