There She Blows

     Ahhh, the sound of the wind howling outside while in the comfort of my home.  There’s something to be grateful for when you’re inside and out of the elements.  It isn’t like when you’re out canoeing and have to worry about the waves and high winds.  When Mother Nature decides to treat us to the November Gales it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, you just better hang on to your hat while doing it.

     Hopefully those fearless deer hunters are facing these up to 30 mile per hour gusts bravely.  At least the temperature is warm and it isn’t snowing or sleeting, yet.  Mike and his dad have spent the past couple of days out in the woods waiting patiently listening for the rustlings of a mighty buck.  Their ears won’t do them much good today so they will have to stay awake and watch for them and other curious critters.

     The best part of deer hunting is taking the time to be in the woods.  It’s a great excuse to hike or sit in a tree and contemplate life.  It’s a yearly ritual that in essence is a mini vacation for the participants.  Luckily for those who hunt in our neck of the woods the season isn’t just a weekend; it encompasses three weekends and all of the days in between.  It’s an awesome opportunity to get outside and be with nature whether or not your mission is to kill a deer.

     Deer hunters report all sorts of animal encounters during their hunting vacation.  There are moose that meander beneath trees, pine martens who want to share your sandwich, wolves that wander, friendly fox and much more.  I wish I would claim to be a deer hunter and take the time to be in the woods. 

     Maybe I will be a deer hunter one of these days, but with the November Gales a’blowing, I’ll sit inside the comfort of my home and give it some more thought for today.