The Trouble With Travel

Hop in a plane and you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. The trouble with traveling in the winter is Mother Nature sometimes messes with you.  That’s what she has been doing today and the past couple of times Mike and I have traveled.

I spent a few days in Colorado Springs for a writing conference and had a fabulous time. I really wasn’t ready to leave the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel where the conference was taking place because it was absolutely gorgeous.  Not to mention the staff was incredible and the bed was super comfortable.  Oh and did I mention the weather was above freezing?  But I did have to leave on an 8 o’clock flight out of Colorado Springs to Chicago.

I arrived in Chicago well in advance of my departure for Duluth.  The plane was loaded, de-iced and on the runway ready for take-off when we were turned around because the snow became too heavy.  Our plane along with every other plane headed back to the gates.

Then our flight, along with who knows how many other flights was cancelled.  I was lucky to get into the Customer Service line quickly but it was still a 50 minute wait to speak to one of the agents. During that time I was on the phone with a representative who was telling me there were no available flights to Duluth until Wednesday!

Luckily by the time I got to the desk to speak to a person something magical occurred and a seat opened up for the 9pm flight out of Chicago for Duluth.  The only problem with that is it too is currently delayed until 10:05pm.

We shall see when I will get to return to Duluth, that’s the trouble with travel.

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