I Survived O’Hare

There were a few minutes of panic when all of the flights had been cancelled out of O’Hare and crowds of people filled all available standing and sitting space but I survived.  I’m not a fan of crowds or airports and spending 12 hours in an airport is definitely not my idea of fun.  After my flight had been cancelled yesterday I was able to get a ticket on the evening flight that was scheduled to depart around 9:30pm. After several delays the plane finally took off close to midnight and landed in Duluth after 1am.

Having survived O’Hare I only had to dig my car out from beneath the snow before I could  make my way back up north.  I could have stayed in Duluth but seeing my family was on my mind so I drove back to Grand Marais and crawled into my own bed around 4:30am just an hour short of being awake for 24 hours.


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