The Survey Says

     This year the USFS is conducting a survey of overnight visitors to the Boundary Waters.  They are interested in knowing where people travel and camp during their visit.  Anyone who reserves an overnight permit will be sent a survey either by mail or electronically.  The USFS thinks the information gathered will help them improve the management of the BWCA.

     There will also be a forest traffic survey happening this summer.  The USFS would like to know how many people are recreating on federal lands, what they are doing when they are there and how satisfied they were with the recreational area.  They are also interested in the impact of recreational visits on the local economy.  If you’re traveling in the Superior National Forest and see a sign that says, "Traffic Survey Ahead." then feel free to stop and participate in a quick survey.  Once every five years these surveys are conducted to give the USFS feedback on how they are meeting the needs of visitors.