The Spawn is On

It’s that time of the year when we head down to the Trail’s End Campground to watch the Walleyes spawn.  They swim up the Seagull River all of the way to the falls where the females lay their eggs and the males come to fertilize them.  You can often see some very large fish and many small ones just underneath the surface of the water in less than a foot of water.  The kids love to go and climb on the rocks and look for the biggest one.  We also like to take the boat over to the rapids and watch the fish dart underneath the boat as we float over them.  While taking Abby to the bus the other morning I noticed something strange in the middle of the road.  I got out to see what it was and to my surprise it was the back half of a huge Walleye.  The Walleye fishing on the Seagull River is closed for spawning until Memorial Weekend, but apparently someone forgot to tell the eagles.  When the Walleye are in that shallow of water they become prey to various birds including the eagle who thought that particular Walleye looked good.  Unfortunately the eagle dropped it, so the other half of the Walleye became dinner for some other lucky animal, perhaps our friendly fox? 

<%image(20060425-spawnsmall.jpg|400|300|Watching the Walleye Spawn)%>