The Names I’ve Been Called

     I have to admit I’ve been called alot of names but the other day I was called a new one, "The Chainsaw Massacre."  It was 90 degrees and humid as can be but I felt like clearing brush so that’s what I was doing when a neighbor drove by.  I know the word "attractive" would not be used to describe me normally but especially while I’m chainsawing.

     I have a picture of myself that was taken of me(not in full gear) to prove how hideous I looked but I am a bit reluctant to share it.  I’ll have to see how I feel by the time I’m finished writing this post.  I’m thinking I shouldn’t post it today because then no one would read what I’m writing and they would just laugh at the photo.  Maybe I should post it on Facebook? Where would fewer people see it?  Maybe I could post it for awhile and then remove it?  Something to ponder. 

     Anyway, when I’m outside working I’m always careful to protect myself from the elements.  I grab whatever sunglasses are near and the hat that’s closest to my reach.  It just happened to be Josh’s Dodger’s baseball cap that day so when I wasn’t wearing my orange helmet for protection I had a hilarious cap on my head.  Sweat was pouring off of my body mixed in with the soot from burned trees in the area I was clearing.  I had leather boots on and a pair of chaps over my shorts.  I’m sure the buckles around the backs of my bare legs looked wonderful and stripped down to my sports bra at times it must have been a sight to see.

     When most people picture me working I’m guessing that’s not what they picture.  Let’s hope not anyway.  I feel bad for my Voyageur Crew for what they sometimes see and wonder about the names they come up with for me.

      If it’s nice outside then I have a difficult time being inside and so I find things to do outside.  Of course not anything that needs to be done in that exact moment or even that week or month.  But if it keeps me outside then I’ll gladly move broken grills, hot water heaters or piles of lumber to clean up outside of Mike’s shop.  Neither he nor John even wanted me to do it, but that’s why I get paid the big bucks & get called some other fancy names I’m sure. 

     I guess I’m OK with being called a Chainsaw Massacre and any other name as long as I get to be outside.  Even when I have to work inside I can’t complain since I get to work and live at the end of the Gunflint Trail. 

For awhile you can find the photo of me on Facebook. but it won’t be there long…