The Longest Nightmare

     No lives have been lost and for that we are thankful.  Fire crews showed up from Hovland, Grand Portage, Lutsen, Hovland, Colvill, Maple Hill and Grand Marais Volunteer Fire Departments to risk their lives to help save the lives of others.  That they did.  They worked cooperatively with the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department to evacuate residents from the end of the Gunflint Trail and to start sprinkler systems at as many cabins and businesses as was humanly possible.  These people are all heroes.  They deserve to be honored for their heroic efforts. 

     Today was the longest nightmare I have ever experienced.  The wind blew the flames north and wouldn’t quit.  The flames ate everything in their way including buildings and all the trees in their path.  People scurried to get out of the path of the fire and to make their break down the Gunflint Trail to safety.

     Tonight we will wait.  We have no idea if we will have a lodge or home to go back to.  But we are all safe and sound for tonight.  Tomorrow will be another fight, a fight with Mother Nature.  Please pray.