Chik-Wauk Museum

     The Gunflint Trail Historical Society is making leaps and bounds of progress on the Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center.  Although no formal board meetings were held over the winter several of the trustees were busy working and making important decisions in order to keep the project on track for a 2010 opening.

     The Board of Trustees have been committed to the Chik-Wauk Project. Trustees have been taking oral histories, seeking grants and closely working with Split Rock Studios. Split Rock Studios out of the Twin Cities has been working on the interior design of the museum.  Sketches and drawings are near completion and if these are any indication of what the museum will be like, then we’re all in for a real treat.  There are areas and displays to represent the complete history of the Gunflint Trail including logging, mining, Native Americans, Voyageurs, resorts, lodges, natural history, and much more. The museum will be a jewel at the end of the Gunflint Trail in a wilderness setting like no other.

     Throughout the summer volunteers will be kept busy working on Chik-Wauk and the surrounding property.  A plant specialist from the USFS will walk the grounds with the Trail Chairperson in order to find routes for the planned nature trails.  Passport In Time volunteers and other local volunteers will work on the rock building and the cement porch.  Last Monday a group of volunteers pulled shingles off so red shingles like the original shingles could be put in their place.      

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   The Gunflint Trail Historical Society is growing and going strong.  There are currently 425 dedicated members and the society is always looking for more.  There are opportunities to support the GTHS by donating money in a variety of ways including gifts for birthdays, memorials or endowments.  There are also plenty of volunteer opportunities and meetings where you can share your talents and ideas.  

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   The GTHS is looking for everyone’s help in this important endeavor.  We want to collect information, photos, and treasures that tell the story of the Gunflint Trail.  If you or someone you know has such information then please let the Historical Society know.  They can scan photos and take oral histories and there is also a questionnaire for all residents of the Gunflint Trail to fill out. 

     We invite you to be a part of this exciting adventure.  Please join us at one of our upcoming meetings this summer; May 28th, June 25th, July 30th, August 27, September 24, and October 29th.  For more information be sure to visit